Pastoral Structure

Year 8:


Head of Year: Mr S. Mullan


Mr S. Williamson: 8S

Miss A. Mullan: 8T

Mrs B. McLaughlin: 8M

Mrs M. Quinn: 8Y



Year 9:


Head of Year: Mrs D. Mullan


Mrs C. McCann: 9S

Miss S. Connolly: 9T

Mr B. Boyle: 9M

Miss A. McLaughlin: 9Y


Year 10:


Head of Year: Mrs J. Walsh


Mrs B. Devlin / Mrs C. O’Neill: 10S

Mrs M. McGonigle: 10T

Mr A. McIvor: 10M

Miss J. Williamson: 10R

Mrs M. Doherty: 10Y




Year 11:


Head of Year: Mrs J. Guthrie


Mrs E. Cullinan: 11A1

Miss B. Deery: 11A2

Mrs R. Mooney / Mrs E. Goodswen: 11A3

Mrs M. Lennon: 11A4



Year 12:


Head of Year: Mr M. Khera


Mrs C. Donnelly: 12A1

Mrs H. McGee: 12A2

Mr K. Boyle: 12A3

Ms J. Maclaughlin / Mr G. Gibbons: 12A4



Year 13 / 14:


Head of Year: Mrs Hull


Mr C. O’Callaghan: 13A

Mrs D. Callaghan: 13B

Mr S. Bresnahan: 13C

Mr C. Sherry: 13D

Mrs A. Bennett: 14A

Miss C. Cairns: 14B



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