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According to School Councils UK, School Councils are about, "Giving every student in the school a chance to say what they want, knowing that they will be listened to and that their views will be seriously considered". When we decided that it was time for us at St. Mary's to begin the process of setting up our School Council we wondered about that quote. We quickly realised that despite many fears a School Council is not about giving students a forum to make ridiculous or unachievable demands but more an opportunity to have their wishes discussed reasonably and where possible acted upon. In our first year of running an interim council our students have acted in a most mature and responsible manner. Many issues have been discussed in a very diplomatic and indeed professional manner.


Mr Barney McNeany The Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People who visited St. Mary's in 2006 said in relation to School Councils, "Making sure Children and Young People have a say in how their schools are run is very important. Not only does it improve the decisions a school makes it also can be beneficial in reducing areas of great concern to all of us such as bullying and vandalism".


The overall aim of School Councils is to facilitate greater 'participation' by the pupil and student body in the day to day life of schools and it can be a matter of great pride, motivation and indeed responsibility for those who are elected by their peers to represent them as their school councillors.


Council Members 2015-2016


Year 8

Shea Mc Keever

Sophie Watt


Year 9

Kain Mullan

Jason Mc Elhinney


Year 10

Keegan Case

Sarah Mc Colgan


Year 11

Eimear Mc Kinney

Eoghan Tierney


Year 12

Brogan Bellew

Caoimhe O’ Brien


Year 13

Jamie Mc Dermott


Year 14

Paul Kelly


Then Honorary Head of Council:


Head Girl: Erin Bennett

Head Boy: Rogan Canning




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