School History

St. Mary’s is a Catholic, voluntary co-educational school, which caters for boys and girls in the 11-18 age group.

There are over 700 pupils at present, and the school can cater for up to 170 new pupils each year.


St. Mary’s opened its doors to its first set of pupils, about four hundred in all, on the 1st September 1959.

The first principal, Mr Patrick White welcomed his first staff of twelve, including two sisters from the congregation of Our Lady of Missions. The first vice-principal was Mr Patrick McLaughlin.


The introduction of CSE along with GCE offered in a wide range of subjects meant that Catholic pupils in the area had the opportunity to pursue a first class education. A small extension completed in 1975 helped to alleviate, temporarily, the increasing accommodation problem. ‘A’ levels where introduced into St. Mary’s in 1975.


The leadership of the school was then taken on by Mr Peter McGirr during a very turbulent time in education.

He was succeeded by Mr Sean Bradley and with an ever increasing enrolment a massive refurbishment and extension programme was completed in 1993. Mr Bradley left St. Mary’s as Principal in 2001.


Mrs Celine McKenna, having been part of the schools Senior Management Team and Vice Principal, was appointed principal and served 10 years in the role. During her time as principal the school underwent a period of significant change in education generally but also within the school. A second extension was added during this time to ensure the school was fit to

meet the demands of an ever changing curriculum.


In 2009 St Mary's celebrated its 50th year, providing the young people of the surrounding

parishes with a quality educational provision.


Following Mrs McKenna’s retirement in 2011, Mrs Mary McCloskey was appointed as school principal, also serving as vice principal in the school before her appointment.




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