Mrs D. Callaghan (Subject Leader)

Mrs G. Kealey

Mrs J. Guthrie

Mr B. Boyle

Mrs M. Doherty

Mr M. Khera




The overall aims of the Science department are:


  • To contribute to the overall development of the pupil
  • To make Science relevant for everyday life allowing the use of scientific skills and the ability to make informed decisions surrounding science issues
  • To prepare pupils for external examinations and for further study or career development
  • Promote links within the school, other school communities, home and the wider community
  • To provide a balanced curriculum using a range of teaching strategies






The science department delivers the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum through co-operative learning activities, practical experimental work and theory based learning. The department takes account of the individual learning needs and styles of every pupil. The Northern Ireland Revised curriculum allows pupils to:

•Develop as individuals

•Develop as contributors to society

•Develop as contributors to the economy and environment

•Manage information effectively

•Solve problems and make decisions through critical thinking making

•Work with others

•Develop self- management skills






The science department offers 2 choices of study at KS4.


Single Award Science


This specification offered by CCEA encourages pupils to develop their curiosity about the world around them and provides insight and experience of how science works. It enables pupils to engage and make informed decisions about further study in Science and their future careers.


Double Award Science


This course will help facilitate the study of science, physics, chemistry, biology and related subjects at a more advanced level, for example Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For those progressing directly into employment, a GCSE in Double Award Science is relevant not only to the fields of science and engineering, but also to areas of commerce and public service that value problem-solving and practical skills.


This specification encourages students to be inspired, motivated and challenged by following a broad, coherent, practical, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It encourages them to develop their curiosity about the living, material and physical worlds and provides insight into and experience of how science works. It enables students to engage with science and to make informed decisions both about further study in science and related subjects and about their careers.




KS5 (A Level)


The science department offers CCEA A Level Biology. This CCEA specification builds on the broad objectives of the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum. It is also designed to promote continuity, coherence and progression within the study of Biology. The A Level award provides a basis for the further study, at tertiary level, of Biology and related courses. For those progressing directly into employment, an AS or A Level award is relevant not only in the fields of science, engineering and medicine, but also to areas of commerce and the public service in which problem-solving and practical skills are valued. The specification helps to provide an understanding of how biological developments affect the environment. The specification also contributes towards an understanding of ethical and cultural issues, thus adding to a full and rounded education.


Students will be encouraged to:


  • Develop their interest in and enthusiasm for Biology, including developing an interest in further study and careers in the subject;
  • Appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society;
  • Develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of, and understanding of, how science works;
  • Develop and demonstrate their skills and knowledge; and
  • Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of the subject and how they relate to each other.


Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etcPupils are afforded the opportunity to partake in activities such as:


  • Salters Festival of Chemistry
  • Seagate Real World Science Conference
  • Science Shows ‘Scientific Sue’ and ‘Think Differently’
  • Revision Clubs
  • RSPB Annual Bird Watch



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