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The aim of the RE department is to educate our pupils in the faith and values of the Catholic tradition. We seek to enhance the knowledge, understanding and faith formation of the young people entrusted to us and to nurture the spiritual and moral development of each pupil.






All pupils in Key Stage 3 are timetabled for RE 3 classes per week. Pupils study the Catholic Religious Education Programme :


Fully Alive 1(Year8)

Fully Alive 2 (Year9)

Fully Alive 3(Year10)


The programme includes units on the Bible, the Sacraments, the liturgical year, moral and spiritual values and pupils also study 2 world religions;


  • Judaism (year 8 and 9)
  • Islam (Year10)








Pupils who study GCSE Religious studies follow the CCEA specification.


Christian Ethics (Year11) Pupils explore and discuss the ethical questions raised in Personal issues, Life and death decisions, Care for the environment, Equality issues and War and peace.


A Focus on the Roman Catholic Church (Year12)


Pupils study the growth of Christianity from the Early church and how, through St. Patrick, Christianity came to Ireland. There are also units on Church government, Worship, Architecture, Festivals and the Liturgical year. There is an in depth study of the Sacraments and a final unit examining the role of the Church and religion in an increasingly secular world.


Pupils sit both papers at the end of Year 12.




Key Stage 4 Religious Education (Vocational):


Pupils following a vocational route at KS4 continue to have RE however this is assessed through the CoPE qualification with religious beliefs and values being delivered in a portfolio based course.




KS5 (A Level):


A Level students in Religious Studies follow the CCEA Specification:


AS : An introduction to the Gospel of Luke

AS : Foundation of Ethics with special reference to Medical Issues


A2 : Themes in the Synoptic Gospels

A2 : Global Ethics




Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etc:


We provide opportunities for religious observance throughout the year.


Mass is celebrated for each Year group at the beginning of the School Year and for Year 12,13 and 14 as they move on at the end of the year. Penitential services are held during Lent and Advent offering the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Ashes are distributed during Whole school assembly on Ash Wednesday and we organise a Carol Service at Christmas.


Pupils are encouraged to show empathy and service to others throughout the year in our support for various charities. We have an active School Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul society.


Pupils in Year 13 are encouraged to participate in the Pope John Paul ii Award and in doing so they contribute to the life of their Parishes and serve their local communities.




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