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In the Music department at St. Mary’s we aim to give every single pupil the most enjoyable, enriching and fulfilling experience possible in our subject. The musical topics and activities we use enable the pupils to learn through the three main stipulated areas of Listening, Composing and Performing.






Year 8 & 9 : Their music curriculum includes the study of various instruments, composers and well known pieces of music. For the practical aspect they will enjoy learning a range of tunes on the tin whistle as well as dabbling with percussion, ukulele & other instruments. The pupils will also be encouraged to participate in group/class singing.

Year 10 : In year 10 we like to extend the pupil’s range of instrumental experience so keyboard, guitar & some Irish traditional instruments are included in the curriculum. Listening/written activities are now in the form of project work and include exploring African, Irish and other types of music.






The GCSE Music course for year 11 with completion in year 12 offers opportunities to build on the musical skills and capabilities they have developed through their experiences at Key Stage 3. The three compulsory components are still Listening, Composing & Performing but each area will be explored at a much deeper and more interesting level:

Listening(35%) : There are 12 Set Works i.e. specific pieces of music, covering a wide variety of styles, to be studied(eg. Canon in D by Pachelbel, theme from Pirates of the Caribbean)


Composing(30%): The pupils create their own music /songs .These are recorded


Performing(35%): Each pupil performs two pieces for an external examiner




Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etcActivities and Events that involve the Music Department:


On-going Activities:

Choir, instrumental groups, weekly woodwind tuition, music educational trips eg. annual Pantomime in Millennium, Ulster Orchestra, visiting Shows


School Events:

Opening of year Masses(choir/instrumental), Christmas Concert, School Production (every second year), musical entertainment for primary 7’s at Open Day, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Annual Talent Competition


Working with the Community:

Christmas visits to bring music to the residents at Thackery House & Cornfield. Musical entertainment in Derry Shopping Centres (Foyleside & Richmond Centre)to help raise money for various charities eg. Children in Crossfire.



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