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To generate an awareness in our students of How Businesses Work. Businesses in many different forms whether it be retail, financial, manufacturing, service or public service are places and organisations that we will be involved with in many various ways every day of our lives. Many of our students will begin their working lives in the retail sector. It is essential that we educate them in how it works.







We have recently begun to introduce the whole area of Business Studies to Key Stage 3 in Year 10. This is an opportunity to start an awareness of what the subject involves prior to Year 11 and Key Stage 4. Here the pupils will learn about such matters as:


  • Business start-up
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business ownership
  • Sources of finance


We hope that in the coming years we will be able to role this programme out to Year 8 and 9.

KS4 (GCSE)In Key Stage 4 we will further develop the issues that were introduced in Key Stage 3. We follow the specification designed by our own local examining authority in Northern Ireland, CCEA. This ensures that a lot of the case studies and references to businesses and place names are all local and will be familiar to the students.

It comprises 3 parts: Unit 1 on Business start-up, Unit 2 on Business Development and then a Controlled Assessment.





KS5 (A Level)


At post 16 we offer the OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business. This is made up of 5 business units delivered over the 2 years of the course. These units range from, The Business Environment to Customers and Communication to Marketing. Some units are assessed using external tests and some using coursework.


Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etc

Apart from the normal teaching and Learning that goes on, on a daily basis we also run a wide range of other business, economics and money related events and activities, such as:


  • Project Business
  • The Tayto Trip
  • Stock Market Challenge
  • Money Workshops
  • StepNZones





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