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Mrs A.M. Donaghy

Mrs A. Convery

Mr S. Bresnahan


The department aims to increase pupil's awareness of the world around them, challenging and enhancing their comprehension, whilst developing their skills and exploring materials. We endeavour to deliver a broad and creative range of projects that involve a wide variety of art techniques and processes including ICT.

KS3Pupils at Key Stage 3 are taught to develop their creativity and imagination through sustained activities. They get the opportunity to build on practical and critical skills and extend their knowledge and experience of materials, processes and practices as well as engage with art, craft and design.  They become more independent in using the visual language to communicate their own ideas, feelings and meanings.

Pupils in Key Stage 3 are taught:

  • To use a range of techniques to record their observations and explore ideas in sketchbooks and other media
  • To use a range of techniques and media including chalk, oil pastels, paint, ceramics, photography etc.
  • To increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials such as ceramics, paper mache, digital cameras, ICT, textiles, fashion design etc.
  • To analyse and evaluate their own work, and the work of artists, designers and craft workers
  • About the history of art, craft and design.



The GCSE Art and Design course engages in a critical, practical and theoretical study of Art and Design.  Pupils develop an appreciation of the work of artists, designers and craft work workers from a range of cultural backgrounds.  They also develop their artistic practice.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Widen their personal experience;
  • Develop their creative, intellectual and artistic abilities;
  • Develop their personal knowledge and understanding; and
  • Develop skills investigating, realising, experimenting and problem solving.

The course consists of two units:

  • Unit 1:  The Core Portfolio (Controlled Assessment) - 60%
  • Unit 2:  Working to a Stimulus (ESA - Externally Set Assignment) - 40%

There is a wide range of opportunities available within the subject area, which supports students working in 2D and 3D, fine art and design.  This includes:

  • Drawing;
  • Painting;
  • Graphic design;
  • Textile design;
  • Lens-based media;
  • Critical and contextual studies;
  • 3D design; and
  • Sculpture.


KS5 (A Level)

A-level Art and Design provides students with opportunities to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures.

The course builds on the art, craft and design experiences gained by students who followed a GCSE Art and Design specification or other similar qualifications.

It provides a solid foundation for progression of study of art, craft and design at a higher level and for employment.

It offers a four-unit qualification facilitating enjoyment, breadth and exploration of art, craft and design.

The AS course is divided into two units:

  • AS 1 - The Coursework Portfolio
  • AS 2. Externally Set Assignment

The A Level course must study two further units

  • A2 3 - Personal Investigation
  • A2 4 - Externally Set Assignment


Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etcThe Art Department consists of two art rooms, a new iMac computer suite, a ceramics annex and kiln as well as a studio/exhibition area for our GCSE and A’Level students.

There are always plenty of opportunities to enjoy more art in the Art Department!

The Art club is run on a weekly basis on a Monday and Tuesday from 3:20 to 4:20.  Pupils from the GCSE and A’Level courses are welcome and encouraged to make use of this invaluable club.

We are always encouraging pupils at all Key Stages to enter competitions and we have have had a good record of winners and runners up over the years in a variety of competitions.  We are continually determined and committed to motivating and inspiring pupils and feel that giving pupils the opportunity to enter competitions is an important way to encourage them.

For the GCSE and A’Level students, there is the opportunity to participate in field trips such as the annual trip to the True Colours Exhibition in the Ulster Museum in Belfast.  We have also organised trips in the past to Dublin as well as visiting local Art galleries.

Staff consistently create a visually stimulating environment for pupils to learn in and be enthused. The Art Department staff make up a dedicated and enthusiastic team always seeking new ways in which we can be creative, innovative and successful through the learning process and outcomes.

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