Learning Support



Mrs E. Goodswen

Ms J. Maclaughlin


Learning Support Assistants:


Mrs P. Boyd

Mrs R. Cooke

Mrs L. Doherty

Mrs L. Ferris

Mrs A. Hodgett

Miss S. Mc Gee

Mrs M. McGowan

Mrs C. Murray

Mrs S. O’Connor

Mrs M. Owens

Ms P. Sweeney




St Mary’s values the abilities and achievements of all our students. We are committed to providing the best learning environment possible for every student regardless of their ability.


The Learning Support Centre delivers the National Curriculum to students with moderate learning difficulties and who hold a statement of Special Educational Needs. Students share the resources, physical and human, that the school has to offer and integrated with their peers in mainstream, both socially and academically.


There is a holistic approach to the education of each child which offers opportunities to achieve full potential in a caring, secure environment. Students are entered for public examinations when appropriate.






At Key Stage 3 we offer additional classes in English and Maths for those classes With Literacy / Numeracy issues.


We identify individual students who have literacy needs and provide them with an individual reading programme.


Identified classes also engage in a Paired Reading programme with Reading Mentors drawn from Years 13 and 14.






At Key Stage 4, we have tailored our curricular provision to enable those students with learning needs to maximise their achievement.


Students are offered a blend of academic and vocational qualifications designed to meet their needs, interests and abilities.


Some students engage in a programme of vocational study in conjunction with NWRC one day per week.




KS5 (A Level)


St Mary’s offers a one year programme in a range of subjects for those students which enables them to augment their GCSE qualifications achieved in Year 12. Currently students choose 2 subjects from a range of 4 vocational areas:


  • Business
  • Health & Social Care
  • Sport & Leisure
  • Travel & Tourism

In addition to this, students are offered the opportunity to resit GCSE English Language and Mathematics.


Students may also take courses in Key Skills Communication and Essential Skills Maths.


Other Information e.g. Awards, extra activities etc


Methods used in order to achieve the aims outlined/strategies implemented


  • Modify materials eg: layout, font, and readability of text.
  • Use of student planner to encourage communication and response from parents.
  • Assist students to organise materials and equipment for lessons.
  • Change seating arrangements in class eg: asking a pupil to sit near you or the interactive whiteboard.
  • Use of ICT – word processor/spell master.
  • Present work and targets in small units to achieve success.
  • Increase use of reward system – respond to pupils with praise and encouragement.
  • Using suitable methods/materials to help pupils with literacy/numeracy difficulties eg: multi-sensory approach.
  • Small group work with direct teaching in basic skills.
  • Provide special help with spelling eg: personal dictionaries, word banks, spelling programmes.
  • Use text and worksheets of appropriate readability levels.
  • Extension material to be available.
  • Use classroom assistants in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Ensure classroom assistants support pupils in all aspects of school life.



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